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Who has the Best Body in Bollywood: Top Fitness Icons Revealed

In this article, we are going to discuss who has the best body in Bollywood. Everyone wants a perfect physique just like the actors  Hrithik Roshan, amir khan, tiger shroff, and so on.

To achieve the six packs abs you gotta work hard then only you gonna take your physique to another level. Have a look at the actors who made their physiques to an extent level

Despite spending approx 20 years in the industry the actor comes across as fresh as ever

5 Actors Who Have the Best Body in Bollywood | Best Physique

  1. Hrithik Roshan 


Hrithik Roshan is the guy who probably made his sexiest debut ever.he is also the most attractive male celeb in the entire world. He has been totally focused on building a lean mean body with his proper working of exercise,  proper diet schedule, and strong desire too.

In his last movie war, when being asked he also tells us that tiger shroff also helped him in transforming his body.

Weight and Strength training plays a crucial role in shaping Hrithik’s muscular and well-toned body. He focuses on targeted weightlifting exercises to develop his triceps, biceps, chest, back, and leg muscles.

His workouts also include bodyweight exercises, resistance training, and functional movements, which contribute to his overall strength, agility, and flexibility. He is one of the finest best body in Bollywood


  1. Tiger shroff

 Tiger Shroff is an Indian actor and he is also specializes in the technique of martial arts also he is a sports freak and was more in sports than acting at the start of his career. He is also a black belt in taekwondo 

His debut in heropanti was as excellent as his is said that he performs all his stunts on his own which is absolutely crazy. so we can say or we have to say tiger shroff got one of the best physiques in entire Bollywood.

Tiger’s commitment to fitness extends beyond his personal life. He actively motivates his fans to embrace a healthy lifestyle and he also shares diet, workout videos, and fitness tips advice on social media. His dedication to fitness has inspired countless individuals to embark on their own fitness journeys and prioritize their health. He has one of the best physique in bollywood


  1. Sonu Sood 

Building and maintaining a physique like Sonu sood is not an easy play, it requires a lot of patience,  

Proper diet schedule, and most important strong desire.

Many say why he plays the role of villain and to be honest, he get some criticism related to his character in the movie but when you hate villain in real life he did a great job in reel life.

If you also want abs and physique like him then you should be specialized in the technique of patience 

Sonu Sood’s fitness journey reflects his Hard work, dedication, and commitment to leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. Building and maintaining such a physique requires effort, and Sonu’s approach to fitness revolves around three key pillars: regular exercise, a proper diet schedule, and a strong desire to stay fit. He has one of the best body in bollywood



  1. John Abraham

In his meeting with WWE superstar Sheamus we can see that they got similar physiques but one thing in difference was Sheamus was a WWE superstar and Jhon was a Bollywood superstar.

Also, he gained a lot of muscle by being a vegetarian. Yes John Abraham is a vegetarian and very sticky about his diet plan and workout strategies which makes him one of the best fitness actors in Bollywood

John’s fitness journey began during his modeling days, where he realized the importance of staying in top shape to succeed in the industry. Over the years, he has transformed his body through rigorous training, disciplined diet plans, and a focused fitness regimen.

One noteworthy aspect of John Abraham’s fitness routine is his passion for weight training. He is known to be an ardent weightlifter and follows a structured strength training program to build and maintain his muscular physique.

Weightlifting not only helps him gain muscle mass but also boosts metabolism, aiding in fat loss and achieving a well-toned appearance.

In addition to weight training, John incorporates various other forms of exercise into his fitness routine. He engages in functional training, bodyweight exercises, and circuit training, which helps improve his overall strength, agility, and endurance.

Diet plays a crucial role in John’s fitness journey, and he follows a strict and disciplined eating plan. He is a vegetarian and has mentioned that maintaining a vegetarian diet doesn’t hinder his ability to build muscle. John focuses on consuming high-protein foods such as lentils, legumes, tofu, and dairy products to support his muscle growth and recovery. He also includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to ensure he receives a balanced nutrition intake.

Apart from his regular workouts and diet, John Abraham is an avid sports enthusiast. He actively participates in sports such as football, cycling, and other outdoor activities, which adds a fun element to his fitness routine while keeping him physically active.

John’s dedication to fitness extends beyond his personal life. He has often advocated for a healthy and active lifestyle, inspiring many individuals to take charge of their own fitness journeys. He has also promoted fitness and wellness through various campaigns and initiatives. John has the Best Body in Bollywood



  1. Akshay Kumar 

Akshay Kumar one of the most bankable actors. Akshay Kumar’s lifestyle is a dream for so many young generations as he follows a strict and disciplined schedule. To stay fit and healthy he used to do swimming, plays basketball, do yoga and also does a lot of martial arts.

One of the key points of Akshay Kumar’s fitness routine is his dedication to regular physical activity. He does different types of exercises and sports in his daily routine, ensuring a full-body workout. Swimming, basketball, and martial arts are some of the activities he enjoys. These not only help him stay fit but also enhance his agility, flexibility, and coordination.



These Bollywood actors have not only showcased their talent on the silver screen but also set an example with their dedication to fitness.

Their impressive physiques serve as a testament to the rewards of hard work and discipline, inspiring others to strive for a healthier and fitter life. As fans and admirers, we can learn from their commitment to fitness and understand that achieving a remarkable physique is possible with the right mindset and efforts.

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Q1 Who has the best six-pack in Bollywood?

Ans – Hrithik Roshan


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