You are currently viewing Bujjigadu Box Office Collection, Star Cast, Movie Story

Bujjigadu Box Office Collection, Star Cast, Movie Story

Bujjigadu is an Indian Telugu movie directed by Puri Jagannadh and Produced By  K. S. Rama Rao. The film stars Prabhas, Sanjjanaa, and Trisha while Mohan Babu and Kota Srinivasa Rao play supporting and important roles. Bujjigadu box office collection is about 18Cr. It’s a Superhit film Telugu movie which is also available in Hindi language. 

Bujjigadu Box Office Collection, Star Cast, Movie Story

Bujjigadu Star Cast – Prabhas, Askash Puri, Trisha, Mohan Babu, Sanjjanaa Galrani

Bujjigadu Box Office Collection – 18Cr

Bujjigadu Hit or Flop – Superhit

Bujjigadu Release Date – 22 May 2008

Bujji and Chitti, once inseparable childhood companions, share a deep bond and fondness for each other. However, a rift occurs between them, leading Chitti to demand that Bujji leave and never return. 


Despite his pleas, she challenges him to prove his commitment by staying apart for twelve years. She promises him marriage if he successfully completes this test. 


With a heavy heart, Bujji consents and relocates to Chennai to create the distance she seeks. Meanwhile, Chitti’s family moves to Hyderabad, severing all connections with Bujji’s family.


Time passes, and Bujji matures in Chennai, embracing a tough exterior as a hooligan. Yet, his affection for Chitti remains intact, alongside his gentle nature. After the designated twelve years, he ventures back to reunite with Chitti, but a brawl lands him in jail. 


Inside, he crosses paths with Machi Reddy’s sons, who propose a hefty sum to eliminate Sivanna. Bujji, driven by the desire to secure his future, reluctantly agrees. 


However, his attempt to assassinate Sivanna leaves him wounded. Sivanna, moved by Bujji’s purity, offers him shelter. Taking on the alias Rajinikanth, inspired by Bujji’s cinematic idol, he begins a new chapter.


In this twist of fate, Bujji encounters Meghana, Sivanna’s sister, who unbeknownst to him, is the real Chitti. Failing to recognize her, Bujji’s quest to reveal the truth is thwarted by Sivanna. 


Sivanna reveals that Meghana despises him due to his role in their first wife’s demise, and she would remain with Sivanna until she finds Bujji.


Amidst rising tensions, Machi Reddy’s sons target Chitti and abduct Sivanna’s second sister, Kangana, demanding an exchange for Sivanna’s life. Bujji is sent to rescue Sivanna, leading to a confrontation where they overpower Machi Reddy and his gang. 


Sivanna sustains injuries but survives. During recovery, Sivanna seeks clarity about the childhood quarrel between Bujji and Chitti. Bujji recounts an incident on the beach where he inadvertently destroyed a sand temple Chitti had constructed, sparking her anger.


As the story concludes, Chitti, Bujji, and Sivanna’s lives intertwine once more, rekindling their bonds and shaping a future together

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