You are currently viewing Crack Fighter Box Office Collection, Cast, Budget

Crack Fighter Box Office Collection, Cast, Budget

The movie “Crack Fighter” was released in 2019 in Indian language:- Bhojpuri is a romantic action drama film directed by Sujit Kumar Singh and produced by Upendra Singh.

It stars Pawan Singh, Sanchita Banerjee or Nidhi Jha in the main lead roles and the supporting roles were played by  Pradeep Rawat, Brijesh Tripathi, Umesh Singh, Lota Tiwari, Dhama Verma play, plays very vital roles, all team play a very important role in big box office collection of crack fighter 

Crack Fighter Box Office Collection, Cast, Budget

Bhojiwood movie is really popular and lots of people buy tickets to watch it, so the box office collection will be high. In the case of Crack Fighter box office collection became a great hit or gained a big success achievement  in the box office  On the other hand many people who went to see the movie gave positive reviews of the crack fighter movie 

Box office collection is an important way to measure how well a movie is doing. 

In the scenario of Crack Fighter box office collection performed very well compared to their budget of 3.2 to 20 cr, making multiple times retune for the film producers 

Bhojiwood fans and the people who make movies pay a lot of attention to these numbers to see which movies are the most liked and successful. It’s like a scoreboard for movies, showing which ones are the winners in terms of popularity and earnings.


The movie was directed by Sujit Kumar Singh and made by Upendra Singh. Lokesh Mishra also helped in making it. The camera work was done by Venkat Mahesh, and the dance moves were arranged by Kanu Mukherjee and Sanjay Korbe.

The story and talking parts were written by Veeru Thakur, while Deepak Jaul made it all fit together well. L Malesh took care of the exciting action parts. This movie came out in the middle of 2019.

The movie’s music is created or composed by Chhote Baba and the lyrics are written by Sumit Singh Chandravanshi or   R R Pankaj, Vinay Nirmal, and Jahid Akhtar, It was produced under Wave Music company.


The music for the film was created by Chhote Baba, and the words for the songs were written by Sumit Singh Chandravanshi, Vinay Nirmal, R R Pankaj, and Jahid Akhtar. The movie was made with the help of the Wave Music company.


Crack Fighter box office collection

Crack Fighter’s box office collection is around 20Cr after having a budget of  3.2cr which is mentioned as a big box office collection in the Bhojpuri television movie Bhojiwood.

Crack Fighter Movie Cast – Pawan Singh, Sanchita Banerjee, Nidhi Jha, Pradeep Rawat, Chandani Singh, Brijesh Tripathi, Lota Tiwari Mr Tsk, Dhama Verma, Umesh Singh

The movie made around 525% of return for the investors, the film established as a huge success at the box office collection by crack Fighter the main role in the movie is played by Pawan Singh, he gives a very fantastic performance 

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